Established at Singapore, a vibrant shipping hub, in the year 2012, with an aim to provide tailor-made services covering all aspects of Ship Management. Experienced in managing more than 20 vessels including VLCC tankers, Chemical tankers, Special Purpose Carriers, Bunker Tankers, Containers and Bulk Carriers. We serve Owners from Singapore, Japan, China and Hong Kong.


  • Pacific Brave

    Pacific Brave

  • New Prestige

    New Prestige

  • New Ocean 6

    New Ocean 6

  • New Ocean 5

    New Ocean 5

  • New Navigator 3

    New Navigator 3

  • New Navigator 2

    New Navigator 2

  • Lima Valerie

    Lima Valerie

  • Sinosea Cherry

    Sinosea Cherry

  • New Integrity

    New Integrity

  • Atlantic Pride

    Atlantic Pride

  • ITG Amoy

    ITG Amoy

  • SA Europe

    SA Europe

  • SA Capricorn

    SA Capricorn

  • SA Equatorial

    SA Equatorial

  • SA Horizon

    SA Horizon

  • CS Brilliance

    CS Brilliance

  • CS Prosperity

    CS Prosperity

  • CS Development

    CS Development

  • CS Innovation

    CS Innovation


  • Service Objective
  • USM Group Portfolio

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